[Catalyst] Re: Only call individual fields by number?

kevin montuori montuori at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 02:45:10 GMT 2008

>>>>> "AK" == Ascii King <tech at swattermatter.com> writes:

 AK> You can only call individual fields by referring to the array index,
 AK> like this:

 AK> [% FormBuilder.field.0.tag %]

not at all (and relying on a mutable index would be a terrible idea).

this (cut and pasted) markup works fine:

  [% first_name = formbuilder.field.first_name;
     last_name = formbuilder.field.last_name   -%]


        <td>[% first_name.field %]</td>
        <td>[% last_name.field %]</td>
        <td class="beneath-label">[% first_name.label %]</td>
        <td class="beneath-label">[% last_name.label %]</td>


kevin montuori
montuori at gmail.com

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