[Catalyst] DBIC register_source causing wierd Cat error?

Caroline Johnston johnston at biochem.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Jul 2 15:17:11 BST 2008

OK, so I think I've worked out the cause:
in the class_mappings:
'ROME::Model::ROMEDB::FactorExperiment' => 'FactorExperiment',
'ROME::Model::ROMEDB::Factor' => 'Factor',
'ROME::Model::ROMEDB::FactorByUser' => 'FactorByUser',


'ROMEDB::Factor' => 'FactorByUser',

If I do:

$c->model->result_source->schema->class_mappings->{'ROMEDB::Factor'} = 
= 'FactorByUser';

Then everything works as expected. Is there a non-hacky way to tell 
Catalyst to set up the class_mappings like this?



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