[Catalyst] Sending email from a Catalyst app

Gerda Shank gs364 at cornell.edu
Thu Jul 3 15:09:03 BST 2008

ivorw wrote:
> The only trouble is I'm struggling to get it working. Using Sendmail as
> the mailer sends the mail out - I receive it no problem, but the
> application gets an exception "error when closing pipe to
> /usr/bin/sendmail. No child processes ..."
I see that you have moved on to other packages, but just thought that 
I'd mention that I got this error executing a Perl system call using the 
development server because Catalyst::Engine::HTTP contains:
local $SIG{CHLD} = 'IGNORE';

Commenting this line out makes the error go away. I have no idea if 
there are other downstream issues. But the non-development servers don't 
do this, so you won't get the error there.


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