[Catalyst] connecting to more than one database

Bruce J Keeler bruce at drangle.com
Thu Jul 3 18:39:08 BST 2008

jagdish eashwar wrote:
> Putting all the tables in one database is a solution. I am afraid, 
> however, that when I create a model using script/MyApp_create.pl for a 
> specific Catalyst application,  I'll get all the tables in the 
> database  into my  DBIC  schema. Is there a way of making 
> MyApp_create.pl pick up only a subset of the tables?
> jagdish
> O

I don't know if mysql has a facility similar to Oracle's synonyms 
whereby you could alias tables from the common schema into the 
app-specific one.  If not, it's possible that a simple views might work, 
something like:

  create view employee as (select * from common.employee)

Then just put all of the tables into the same DBIC schema.

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