[Catalyst] XPath, DOM problem

Herr Verdieck Götz goetz at verdieck.de
Tue Jul 8 09:00:44 BST 2008


I try to generate a site content menu from a xml file.

In my TT file I have the following syntax:
  # USE prod_tree =3D XML.Simple('config/xml/hele_de_tree.xml'); # OK  =

this works

  USE xpath =3D XML.XPath('config/xml/hele_de_tree.xml');  # ERROR
  #USE dom =3D XML.DOM;
  #prod_tree =3D dom.parse('config/xml/sitemap.xml'); # ERROR


The XML.Simple version is ok, but
when I try to use XPath - or DOM-  I get the message:
Errot message:
Couldn't render template "plugin error - Cannot open file 'config/xml/ =

hele_de_tree.xml' at /Library/Perl/5.8.8/XML/XPath.pm line 53.

I use Catalyst 5.7014 and Template-Toolkit-2.19.

I also tested XPath with a small script without problems. So the  =

combination with TT or Catalyst causes the error.

Any hint is welcome

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