[Catalyst] FormBuilder and View::Email

Michael Higgins linux at evolone.org
Thu Jul 17 16:53:55 BST 2008

Hello, list --

A full year later, after a first go 'round, I'm delving into a new
Catalyst project. My head hurts. :(

I am using FormBuilder to provide some CRUD interface. Works great: [%
FormBuilder.render %] and there is all I need to post some data. Like
freakin' magic.

So, when I make a new record (or find an old one), I report from the new
$row and include a link to email the result, using View::Email. After
some twiddling (docs are just plain wrong on some key points) I get
email off my machine.

Now, back to the form. No matter what I try (forward, detach...??),
every page I load tries to send email. Removing Email.pm from
the ./lib/myappp folder tree entirely is the only way to solve that I
have found. Not OK. And there is, like, no code in that module, just
some credentials and a server location?

Is this intended? What do I need to show to get some help fixing this?

Nothing on the google has led me even remotely toward a clue. In
$c->views I have Email and TT. Only when I forward to V::Email should
it be called, but it's called each and every time until I remove it.

Surely someone else is using these two Catalyst items together. What
did I miss? ;-)


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