[Catalyst] Note: Mail backlog cleared, please re-send if I've missed anything

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Sun Jul 20 03:24:47 BST 2008

So, I just nailed through another fucking huge mail backlog because I suck
at keeping on top of it.

And if you sent something between the last time I was on-list and the first
message I replied to, it probably got eaten if the "too old to matter now,
hopefully" cull.

So, if there was such a thing, or you've had patches dropped on the floor,
or whatever, please send it again either to mst - shadowcat.co.uk for stuff
you don't think is going to need a list reply or the appropriate list if
not (as a new thread, this is cross-posted so replies are -bad-, mmkay?).

Yours, wondering if he'll finally figure out a lists setup he doesn't suck
at, mst.

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