[Catalyst] auto re-load of application yaml config file?

Marc Sebastian Pelzer marc at knusperfisch.de
Tue Jul 22 11:53:10 BST 2008


I'm running a Catalyst application under mod_perl and wonder if there  
is a Plugin available that detects changes on the main  
application .yml config file and does a automatic re-load if needed?  
It not - what would be the most elegant (and less I/O intensive) way  
of doing this? Would it be enough to do a

__PACKAGE__->config( 'Plugin::ConfigLoader' => { file =>  
'my_config.yml' } );
in my Root controller when I detect a change? Also, is there a way to  
store the state (maybe the mtime of the config file) in memory without  
being lost between requests? Or do I need to store the mtime in a  
database/memcache/tempfile (which would be "expensive")?
Many thanks in advance for any hint :)

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