[Catalyst] Squatting::On::Catalyst

Daniel McBrearty danielmcbrearty at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 13:21:10 BST 2008

my 0.05 (possibly a bit OT) :

I looked previously at a few ways of adding forums etc to the site
using 3rd party code, indeed there are many possibilites (some perl,
some not)

The thing that was always a sticker for me was getting some kind of
logical integration, ie:

1. letting users keep existing member and login creds
2. being able to cross ref to other parts of the site eg. for a
certain node, easily have a "discussion" link, and the reverse link
from the forum

I haven't yet seen a way to do this that looks easier than doing it
from scratch (well, lets say some heavy porting of existing db
structures and code from existing stuff ...)

IMO getting these kind of features right are where the real meat is.
Looking at the summary, I guess that's not what the focus of this
project is, so if this is post is basically just noise, please forgive

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