[Catalyst] ANNOUNCE: Catalyst::Devel 1.07 and Catalyst::Manual 5.7012 released to CPAN

Kieren Diment diment at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 11:37:38 BST 2008

The catalystarati would like to announce that new versions of  
Catalyst::Devel and Catalyst::Runtime have been released to CPAN.

The important changes to Catalyst::Devel are:

1.  Config::General .conf files are generated by catalyst.pl instead  
of yaml.  If you want to use yaml or any other supported config  
format, please do.  However there are good reasons for not using yaml  
by default.  Purl, as always knows best:

10:35 <@kd> purl, yaml in pod?
10:35 <@purl> i think yaml in pod is like providing your users with  
pre loaded
               shotgun aimed at their foot

Translation:  pod and YAML are both whitespace dependent in subtly  
different ways that interact in a manner which  is confusing for new  

2.  The catalyst.pl helper and the myapp_create.pl controller helper  
now creates default : Path and index : Path :Args(0) subs instead of  
the old : Private subs.  Using these with : Private attribs will  
still work, but : Path attribs are more consistent with the rest of  
the dispatcher behaviour.

The important changes to Catalyst::Manual are:

1.  It's been updated to be consistent with the above changes to  

2.  The authentication tutorial has been updated to use the new auth  

3.  There is a new HTML::FormFU tutorial, and the stub for a  
FormBuilder tutorial.

4.  The reference implementation of the tutorials have also been  

Very big thanks to Kennedy Clark for the work he's done on this.

The tests for both these these modules are pretty thin (there are  
actually pretty good reasons for this), so please let us know of any  
problems ASAP.

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