[Catalyst] Users hierarchy

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Wed Jun 4 18:18:30 BST 2008

* On Wed, Jun 04 2008, jakac wrote:
> I checked out DBIx::OO::Tree also but using this module would mean
> that I would have to change my table schema (add columns parent,lft,rgt,mvg)..
> I don't see why this is necessary since the whole thing needs only two colums -
> user_id and parent_id ...? If I know a user_id then I can always get all users
> where their parent_id = this_user_id etc.
> Like I said in my previous postings - I really don't want to change my database
> schema because a lot of other applications depend on it. There is no problem
> adding columns lft,rgt and mvg but if I change my primary key from
> "user_id" to "id" and change my column "parent_id" to "parent" like this module
> requires it would mean changing a lot of other older applications which depend
> on this database...

What about DBIx::Class::Tree?  I've used this for a user hierarchy,

Jonathan Rockway

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