[Catalyst] Catalyst site design drafts feedback thread

Dave Rolsky autarch at urth.org
Wed Jun 11 21:58:28 BST 2008

On Wed, 11 Jun 2008, Dave Rolsky wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Jun 2008, Matt S Trout wrote:
>> Simon Elliott:
>> (1) http://www.browsing.co.uk/cat
> Overall my favorite. The white text against the bottom of the grey gradient 
> starts to fade, but I'm sure that's easily fixed. I wouldn't mind making all 
> the non-tab text a little larger, but maybe my eyes are a little older than 
> our target audience ;)

Also, big bonus points for actually having implemented the darn thing!

All the other are mockups. We don't know how well they'll translate into 
HTML & CSS. This one uses nice semantic HTML and CSS. Double bonus points 
for using YUI Grids, which should help keep future maintenance easier.


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