[Catalyst] Actions as Moose::Role

Guillermo Roditi groditi at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 23:59:32 BST 2008

> Well - I was not sure about that - but with "use base
> 'Catalyst::Controller';" I get:
> Could not load class (Base) because : Can't locate object method
> "linearized_isa" via package "Moose::Meta::Role" at
> /home/zby/progs/Catalyst-Runtime/5.80/branches/moose/lib/Catalyst/ClassDa=
> line 23.

Roles can't have base classes kids!

The attributes problem is  a known issue and it kills me as well and I
promise you I am trying to fix it. Just give me some time and hopefully by
the time we are merged back to 5.8 trunk then I'll have come up wit a
work-around or a fix. It all stems from the compile vs run time thing (moose
=3D run time). Ideas welcome

-- =

Guillermo Roditi (groditi)
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