[Catalyst] Graceful handling of database failure

Mitch Jackson perimus at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 18:32:17 BST 2008

> You can use DBIx::Class with DBIx::RetryOverDisconnects as DBI handle and
> you will never got db server away message (it will reconnect as long as
> required until database is up and no queries and transactions will be lost).

Looks cool, but it's got a big warning on it saying it's not stable
for production.  Also, if the database server goes away for 5 minutes,
then instead of error 500 pages, now the website is just timing out to
the browser. That's less descriptive for the end user, when what I'm
aiming at is giving more of a "we've got a handle on things"
appearance to the errors when they happen.


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