[Catalyst] Capture page on server?

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Mon Jun 23 15:42:00 BST 2008

* On Mon, Jun 23 2008, Martin Ellison wrote:
> Sorry, bit of a newbie question: is there any way that I can run an action but
> capture the results (server-side) to a file? Doing so client side is easy (eg
> wget) but I want to keep the page text on the server and to automate the page
> generation/save.

If you want to log the output of every request, you probably want to
wrap finalize and save the file after it runs.

If you want to run an arbitrary request against your application and see
the result, you want the Subrequest plugin.  It would be better for your
app to not depend upon your app, though.  Calling a method is simpler,
faster, and cleaner than running an entire request and capturing the
result, so try to structure your app in such a way as to allow that.

Jonathan Rockway

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