[Catalyst] Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::LDAP

Johannes Plunien plu at pqpq.de
Wed Jun 25 05:46:05 BST 2008


there's already C::A::Store::LDAP to authenticate users against LDAP  
servers. This module fetches a user from LDAP and checks his password  
(if you told C::A::Credential::Password password_type => self_check).  
In most of my apps i don't want to fetch the user from LDAP whereas i  
just want to check his password against LDAP. The user, his roles and  
preferences are stored in a database. So i use  
C::A::Store::DBIx::Class to retrieve a user from the store and a  
custom C::A::Credential::LDAP to verify his password.
Maybe this setup is used by someone else too and above all  
C::A::Credential::LDAP is useful?
If that's the case i'll put it on CPAN - what do you think?

Thanks for your time,

Johannes Plunien | mailto:plu at pqpq.de | http://www.pqpq.de

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