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Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Sat May 3 23:29:55 BST 2008

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 02:41:26AM -0500, Andrew Rodland wrote:
> Questions!
> 1) What is the preferred name for the Catalyst website? I thought that at one 
> point we were leaning toward sticking with catalyst.perl.org, but all the nav 
> links are for catalystframework.org. One way or another I think the site 
> should be clear on what it's named, and send a Moved Permanently redirect to 
> the preferred address when accessed using the nonpreferred address.

Let's have a separate thread if we're going to argue about this one.

> 2) Will the "new wiki" go live[1] at its current toeat.com address or at 
> $answer{'Question 1'} . "/wiki/"?

It'll go live on dev. as soon as jshirley/I find tuits to do so.

> 3) Can we have a link to thebookerrata on the front page with the book link, 
> where newbies are likely to find it? Something to the tune of "Having 
> trouble? Click here for important information on the Catalyst book." I will 
> happily submit patch to the website if this is not shot down.
> 4) Thoughts on improving the website in general? It's nice, but not very 
> filling, and I don't think it gets a lot of love. Again, I'd be happy to 
> help. Maybe this should wait for the new wiki though? I'm thinking that 
> either we would want to highlight some of the most important wiki articles 
> from the website, or else the wiki could end up being most of the website, 
> since it's powered by hierarchical fairy dust.

I believe #catalyst-site is the location for the working party.

Please nobody join that channel unless you're planning to implement;
bikeshedders unwelcome and can expect to be banned.

Commit bits to the site can be given out very easily; if you can't find
anybody else to do it kick me.

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