[Catalyst] Invalid session ids being generated

Ryan Pack rpack at genares.com
Wed May 7 23:38:12 BST 2008

My Catalyst app is using Session::State::Cookie, Session::State::URI,
and Session::Store::DBIC.  We recently started using the param option in
Session::State::URI.  We were tacking the session id onto the base URL
but now it is being included as a parameter.  Anyways, when you first
make a request, a cookie is set with a valid session_id but uri_for
returns the url with a totally different session id which doesn't even
exist in the database.  We are including the uri_for generated url for
form actions and links, etc. in our templates in case cookies are
disabled.  Has anyone seen this before?  


Ryan Pack


Genares Worldwide Reservations

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