[Catalyst] session in DB example in Catalyst book

Kieren Diment diment at gmail.com
Sat May 10 03:30:21 BST 2008

On 10 May 2008, at 11:53, Andrew wrote:

> Using the Rockway's Catalyst book to help bring me up to speed on  
> Catalyst and I've got a problem that I can't figure out.
> On page 59, where it uses a database to store the session key, I've  
> made all the code changes, but when I start the server it gives me  
> the following error:
> "Couldn't find a model named DBIC::Session at /usr/local/share/perl/ 
> 5.8.8/Catalyst/Plugin/Session/Store/DBIC.pm line 143.
> Compilation failed in require at script/addressbook_server.pl line  
> 53."
> I've installed Session::Store::DBIC module and even reinstalled it  
> to see if missed out on the Session model and I get the same  
> error.  Any ideas?

Two things you need to look at:

1.  The example code for the book at:


2.  The book errata (use the community errata, not the Packt errata)


If you're still having problems after looking at them thoroughly,  
come back and ask more.

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