[Catalyst] about POST size

Fayland Lam fayland at gmail.com
Wed May 21 02:19:00 BST 2008

hi, list.

we are in attack I think. our Catalyst app is taking 2G to process one 

8: 18940 1567M  5.9M 1567M 1121M W  0.000s  0.000s  459 
www.xxsite.com POST /comment/post HTTP/1.0

that's from vmonitor.

I'm wondering is there someone to put large content in our comment 
we limited size in Apache httpd.conf (LimitRequestBody 11000000) but it 
doesn't help.

is HTTP::Body has something like $CGI::POST_MAX? 

or it's not caused by large POST content? any hint is really appreciated.


Fayland Lam // http://www.fayland.org/ 
Foorum based on Catalyst // http://www.foorumbbs.com/ 

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