[Catalyst] How to build a catalyst system based on plug in ?

Solli Honorio shonorio at gmail.com
Thu May 22 04:54:12 BST 2008


I'm thinking about to build one system to manager services on distributed
Linux machine on central console, something like webmin but to manager all
services of many server on one single console.

I would like to know about the best strategic to build this system based on
plug in on a MVC environment , things like:
* how to build a interface that would be easy to plug in add new feature to
user interface ?
* how to build a model that plug in could increments tables without worry
about the sql server used ?
* what is the best way to load plug ins on a MVC environment ?
* and any other that I can't think by now but you can advice me !

Thanks all,

Solli Honorio
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