[Catalyst] Catalyst new site design: call for comps

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Fri May 30 16:14:14 BST 2008

So, we're getting the Catalyst site rejig project back on the road, and
since the wiki is basically ready bar deploying it onto dev.catalyst
(which is just waiting on either a template hack to make the search box
use google or somebody to step up and replace Plucene in MojoMojo
since it's broken as fuck) it's time to get back to the main site.

First thing to do is to get an outline design together; the last attempt
to get a discussion going about the site on the list resulted in a shitload
of bikeshedding and very little else so we're going a different route.

If you want to have a go at a design for the www.catalystframework.org
site, please send it to mst (at sign) shadowcat.co.uk by the end of next week
(Friday 6th). If you need a little bit longer than that, drop me an email
by then with a Really Good Excuse (tm).

Once I've got a full set of designs, I'll put them all up somewhere and
start a thread so everybody can argue about what goes where. No arguing
until then, which is why I -don't- want the design comps posted to the
list until then.

In the mean time, if anybody has any good ideas for things that could go
into the site content, you're welcome to start a new thread per idea with
the subject line "Site Idea: <idea goes here>" *on the condition* that
*you* are willing to implement this idea if people like it.

No "it would be nice if". No "X is shit about the current site". Any
suggestion that is not of the form "X would be cool and here is how -I-
will do it if we decide to put it in the site" will be ignored.

Any replies to this email will also be ignored, although I fully expect you
guys to have a meta discussion about what an obnoxious cunt I am and how
arbitrary these rules are instead; that's fine. I'll print out the dumbest
complaints and put them on my wall or something.

Happy designing. Please try and make it better than http://trout.me.uk/ ;)

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