[Catalyst] file paths when using catalyst controllers.

kakimoto at tpg.com.au kakimoto at tpg.com.au
Sun Nov 9 05:08:03 GMT 2008

hi all
  I have a project that runs fine in terms of the index and static pages.
All my graphics (ie logos and stuff ) load property when I am in the
index page.
I am using Template Toolkit.
 Nevertheless, when I access a method in the controller, I noticed that
the graphics do not load. I checked the path and see that the controller
name is in the path hence the images cannot load.

For example:

- accessing http://localhost:3000/ is fine as all graphics load.
- accessing http://localhost:3000/subscription/list does not load the
  What this does:
  1) accessed MyApp::Controller::Subscriptions->list()
  2) it is defined with the following heading:

sub list :Local {
    my ($self, $c)  = @_;

   3) I checked the terminal where myapp_server.pl was run. The
arguments were:
$VAR1 = [

  I also printed out the  request path ( in
MyApp::Controller::Subscription->auto() ) and it was "subscription/list".

  4) the static file accesses files in the following manner : 
"images/default/logo.gif" hence the request above would result in the
request being 

This is how MyApp::View::HTML looks like (in relation to the setting up
of paths for static images):

--------- File extract --------------- [Start]

package myapp::View::HTML;

use strict;
use warnings;
use base 'Catalyst::View::TT';

    CATALYST_VAR => 'Catalyst',
         myapp->path_to( 'root', 'src' ),
        myapp->path_to( 'root', 'lib' ),
       myapp->path_to( 'root', 'static' ),
    PRE_PROCESS  => 'config/main',
    WRAPPER      => 'site/wrapper',
    ERROR        => 'error.tt2',
    TIMER        => 0,

--------- File extract --------------- [End]

Proposed solution:

*) Add source code into Root.pm such that every request to controllers
will be received there and passed on approapriately (hence ensuring that
the path stays at the root).

Nevertheless, I see a lot of restrictions in the proposed solution
above. Any ideas??


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