[Catalyst] Plugin::Authentication vs Authentiaction

Alex Povolotsky tarkhil at over.ru
Mon Nov 10 14:25:44 GMT 2008

Joel Bernstein wrote:
> 2008/11/10 Alex Povolotsky <tarkhil at over.ru>:
>> Joel Bernstein wrote:
>>> The fine manual states:
>>> If your plugin starts with a name other than Catalyst::Plugin::, you
>>> can fully qualify the name by using a unary plus.
>>> So you'd do:
>>> use Catalyst qw/
>>>  Foo # loads C::Plugin::Foo
>>>  +Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Authen::Simple # loads the
>>> module you wanted
>>> /;
>> That's not enough. Apparently, Plugin::Authentication is different from
>> Authentication, and slightly not compartible.
> Er... what? That's nothing to do with what you asked. Why are you
> loading Plugin::Authentication if you don't want to use it? I answered
> your question of "how do I load C::Authentication::Blah via use
> Catalyst qw(....);".
> If you'd like a different answer, ask a different question.
Reasking. I did not want just load plugin for fun.

I wanted to use two authentication realms, one with Credential::Password 
and Store::DBIx::Class, the other with Credential::Authen::Simple and 

However, since I have (don't know why exactly) both 
Catalyst::Authentication and Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication, I seems 
to have problems setting all of those to work together.


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