[Catalyst] Plugin::Authentication vs Authentiaction

John Romkey romkey at apocalypse.org
Mon Nov 10 14:33:07 GMT 2008

On Nov 10, 2008, at 8:46 AM, Alex Povolotsky wrote:
> That's not enough. Apparently, Plugin::Authentication is different  
> from Authentication, and slightly not compartible.


The Authentication modules underwent a significant overhaul a while  
back. In the old scheme, there were many authentication plugins. In  
the new scheme, the only plugin is Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication

There are a few Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication modules that provide  
some backwards compatibility but I believe that at this point,  
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::* is deprecated, and the older  
Plugins likely won't work with the new scheme. So if you have the  
choice between Catalyst::Authentication::something and  
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::something, use the former and not  
the later.

In the new scheme, the storage and credential modules are brought in  
through the configuration of Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication - take a  
look at its documentation to see how this is done. They don't appear  
in the plugin list at all, only Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication does

Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication's documentation gives a good overview  
of how to use it and what to pay attention to and what to ignore:


There's no reason that Catalyst would load  
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Authen::Simple automatically -  
only some users need it - and putting it in the plugin list won't help  
because it's not a plugin. Its documentation shows how to configure  
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication to use it


	- john romkey

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