[Catalyst] recommendation

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 18:46:21 GMT 2008

From: "Ashley" <apv at sedition.com>
> On Nov 10, 2008, at 9:31 AM, Octavian Rasnita wrote:
>> I've seen that there are many components of DBIx::Class that can't  be 
>> used if using this helper, because they should be loaded before  Core or 
>> they require changing the part of the class that can't be  modified.
>> Which is the recommended way for creating a complex app that needs  using 
>> those components?
>> After we change something in the structure of some database tables,  the 
>> single way of updating the DBIC classes is to make the update  manually?
> You can put the extra component calls into a BEGIN block in the 
> editable-lower section of the package. I don't seem to have any  sample 
> code handy, sorry. It's come up on the DBIC list before, I  think. You 
> might dig around in there if it's not obvious how to proceed.
> -Ashley

Thank you for the idea of using a BEGIN block because it could help in some 

However, if I need to use DBIx::Class::DigestColumns, I don't know how to 
add the following statement in a BEGIN block after it was already created by 
the Catalyst helper without the "digest_check_method" key:

        'password' => {
          data_type => 'char',
          size      => 32,
          digest_check_method => 'check_password',

I also searched for that thread you told about, but until now I couldn't 
find it.



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