[Catalyst] Very Simple Question

Jonathan Hall jonh at nmgi.com
Mon Nov 17 17:07:06 GMT 2008

In most cases, you can do simply:  $element->title

You can *not* do this in cases where 'title' is also the name of a 
relationship in the $element DBIC object; in such cases you can 
accomplish the same with:  $element->get_column('title')

You can also create a method in your DBIC ResultSet called 'title' that 
does fancy things if you want:

sub title {
  my ( $self ) = @_;
  return $self->get_column('title') || "Untitled Document";

Then you can use the first format ($element->title), to get at your 
self-defined method.

I hope this all helps :)

Amiri Barksdale wrote:
> I am a new user of Catalyst, and from reading the documents and
> reading blogs posts I have been able to set up my schema, my authz/
> authen, sessions, and my Mason view. I have a very simple question,
> though.
> This in a controller
> $c->stash->{elements} = [$c->model('DB::Elements')->all];
> Requires this in a view:
> <% $element->{_column_data}->{title} %>
> Is there a more transparent way to use DBIC so that I don't have this
> intermediate hash ref in the middle of my object? I'd like to be able
> to do
> <% $element->{title} %>
> It seems like TT does this automatically?
> Amiri
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