[Catalyst] Re: One App, multiple databases

Jose Luis Martinez jlmartinez-lists-catalyst at capside.com
Wed Nov 19 22:32:48 GMT 2008

kevin montuori escribió:
> i'm wondering why you wouldn't have two models with different connection
> information but that use the same schema?  

Because I wouldn't want application code touched for every user created 
or deleted... Every user will have a new db, and user creation should be 
automatable. Adding new model classes would imply restarts for every 
user added / deleted.

> i might be mistaken, but it
> seems that tying a user to a physical database circumvents some of the
> abstraction MVC provides.

Exact same schema for every user. I think It's really the same level of 
abstraction. The app only uses one database per user. No info from 
databases of other users is needed.


Jose Luis Martinez
jlmartinez at capside.com

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