[Catalyst] [Announce] MojoMojo 0.999023

Marcus Ramberg marcus at nordaaker.com
Mon Nov 24 20:24:44 GMT 2008

I've just uploaded the latest version of MojoMojo to CPAN. For those not in
the know, MojoMojo is the wiki powering dev.catalyst.perl.org. Some exciting
new features in the latest releases, including using SWFUpload for
Attachment uploading (Supprting multiple files, and progress bars), a TOC
generator and a full permissions editor, letting you control MojoMojo's
powerful permissions system directly from the GUI interface.

There has also been some modernization of the code-base; the javascript has
been rewritten using jquery, and all the Form handling is now implemented
using HTML::FormFu. Besides that, several bug fixes has gone into the

The full change-log since my last announcement is included below.

Marcus -- Building an army of winged monkeys with typewriters.

0.999023  2008-11-23 10:35:00
        - Added  GUI Permissions editor (nilsonsjf)
        - Finished porting MojoMojo to HTML::FormFu
        - Added TOC plugin using HTML::GenToc + anchor names that are
      XHTML compliant and human/SEO-friendly (dandv)
    - Fixed formatting of profile.
        - Fix recent list to not display implicit links.
        - Fix bind issue in .list
        - Set noindex for most pages

0.999022  2008-11-14 17:28:00
        - Fix validation check (sachinjsk)
        - Fix javascript toolbar
        - Fix various Pg specific issues
        - Change to use flash uploader.
        - Update search not to cache objects
        - Fix unicode issue with preview
        - rewrite javascript to use jquery, remove inline js.
        - Fix indexer to use correct content version

With regards
Marcus Ramberg
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