[Catalyst] Making subrequests in views

Alexander Tamm alex at frantic.com
Wed Nov 26 05:27:57 GMT 2008

Len Jaffe wrote:

> The suggestion was for you populate the stash near the end of the request,
> before calling out to your view, so as to avoid doing the work when it is
> not necessary.  That's why he suggested an ActionClass, or the end method.

Yes, I remember that. It still doesn't address my concern that, in order
to avoid fetching unnecessary data, I have to take a peek inside the
template or maintain a list of exception

> Remember, the view is typically called from within the end() action, or form
> an ActionClass like RenderView, which itself runs during the "lifecycle" of
> the end() action.

It really doesn't matter when *cronologically*, only when *logically*,
ie. when needed.


Alexander Tamm
Software developer, Frantic media
alex at frantic.com

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