[Catalyst] ANNOUNCE: Progressive authentication attempts

Jason Kuri jayk at ion0.com
Sat Nov 29 18:56:02 GMT 2008

Hello All,

A new version of the Catalyst Authentication plugin is winging it's
way to CPAN (0.100091.)  This update includes the excellent
'Catalyst::Authentication::Realm::Progressive' realm written by J.

The Progressive Realm allows you to, with a single call to $c-
 >authenticate(), make multiple authentication attempts one at a time,
until one of them succeeds (or they all fail.)  This allows you to
check multiple authentication realms to attempt to authenticate a user.

Some samples of how you might use this are:

1) Legacy authentication / migration to new system.  If you can't
merge the db's for whatever reason, you could try to authenticate
against the new system, followed by the legacy system.

2) Temporary passwords - If you have a separate auth method for
'temporary' auth - forgot password - initial confirmation, etc, you
can attempt to auth against the temporary password realm, then the
main db.  (or the other way around)

3) Auth against a local system, followed by a remote system if the
user is not found.

I'm sure you can come up with hundreds of other uses.

Please thank J. Shirley for his excellent module.


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