[Catalyst] [PATCH] [RFC] Override base URI

Jason Kuri jayk at ion0.com
Fri Oct 10 19:21:14 BST 2008

Great work.  I was looking into this yesterday.   I'm glad you beat me
to it. :-)

To follow up on Tomas' comment - Why not make the override_base_uri /
override_base_uri_secure include the schema?  So if you want the URI's
to include https:// even if the request is coming in not-secure, you
can do that.

Without this functionality it would be hard to do SSL accelerators and
such properly.

I'd also love a way to callback from uri_for - but that's another
story and issue altogether.


On Oct 9, 2008, at 6:33 PM, Andrew Rodland wrote:

> <mst> I've put something like that in a sub prepare before now
> <mst> we should maybe have a config option to override base
> <mst> patches would be welcome :)
> Here's an attempt. I've never really hacked on the core before, so
> please go
> easy. Also I know that POD isn't included, but that's because I
> can't figure
> out where it belongs. I'll write it, given a place to put it.
> Anyway, this is a patch to create a pair of config keys tell
> Engine::CGI "ignore what the server thinks the base path is, and use
> these
> instead". It's useful in the case that someone has their application
> port-forwarded, load-balanced, proxied, etc. through some sort of
> device that
> doesn't set X-Forwarded-Host.
> How it works: If no config is provided, life continues as it always
> has. If
> the request is HTTP and $c->config->{override_base_uri} is set, we
> use that
> as $c->req->base. If the request is HTTPS and
> $c->config->{override_base_uri_secure} is set, we use that as $c-
> >req->base.
> If the request is HTTPS and override_base_uri_secure isn't set, but
> override_base_uri is, we use override_base_uri and switch its scheme
> to https
> (hopefully it doesn't have a port).
> Patch against Catalyst-Runtime/5.80/trunk which I hope is the right
> thing.
> Comments appreciated,
> Andrew
> <override-base-
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