[Catalyst] Database contents not displayed after hitting pagerefresh

SHARATH GOPINATH RAO, Chennai sharath.g at hcl.in
Wed Sep 3 11:33:27 BST 2008

Matt: "So it works on the first request but not on the second?"

Yes, it works on the first request and not on second. But, after
changing it to this: $data = $c->model('Ttrack::Ttrack')->search();
it's working fine, although any more suggestions are welcome.


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On Wed, Sep 03, 2008 at 09:04:23AM +0200, Emmanuel Quevillon wrote:
> You need to perform a search in your 'ShowData' function to get data
> returned by the Resultset of your model 'Ttrack::Ttrack'.
> At this time, $data is only a resultset object without any data in it.
> Replace :
> my $data = $c->model('Ttrack::Ttrack');
> with
> my $data = $c->model('Ttrack::Ttrack')->search();

No, don't do that.

Those two lines are exactly equivalent except that ->search will cause
a completely pointless clone of the resultset.

$c->model('Ttrack::Ttrack') is -already- a resultset for the whole

That's why there's something in there to search on.

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