[Catalyst] Re: Announce: Instant AJAX web front-end for DBIx::Class

Antano Solar John solar345 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 06:08:05 BST 2008

> I think the "admin panel" work is now complete, and I've uploaded a
> new version of LFB to CPAN. As a plugin it scans & loads your
> DBIC-ish  models so you no longer need the config duplication I
> mention above.
> CPAN docs and demo site have also been updated:
>   http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?CatalystX::ListFramework::Builder
>   http://dragonstaff.co.uk/oliverg/
> regards,
> oliver.
> --
> Oliver Gorwits, Network and Telecommunications Group,
> Oxford University Computing Services

Is a static version of this going to be implemented in the near furture?
By static I mean the generation of the required files instead of them
coming from the memory. This way it will be possible to edit the files
manually and make appropriate changes

Antano Solar John 
Consultant & Trainer (Web 2.0,Networks,VOIP)

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