[Catalyst] IE has problems with catalyst

snookums kyle at lakeofburningfire.org
Wed Sep 10 13:25:34 BST 2008

After examining this some more, I started to think that IE was timing out
because there was no data being sent to the server while waiting for the
processing to be done. I added a couple $c->engine->write($c, ' ') calls
throughout the code. That didn't help. IE is consistently throwing a dns
error after 10 seconds on each request.

I'd be appreciative of any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

snookums wrote:
> I hope someone can point out to me what's wrong here. I have a catalyst
> application that I've been developing. It takes a submitted link,
> processes it, and regurgitates it with some changes. It's a get request.
> The processing can take up to about 10 seconds. I thought everything was
> going fine, but I'm developing on mac. I've been testing it in Safari. I
> quickly found that IE users couldn't access my application. They can get
> to the front page, but when they submit a link, the browser runs for a
> little while and then gives a dns error page: cannot access this page,
> page not available, etc. Apache error and access logs don't even show the
> hit.
> I looked online and found that the problem might have something to do with
> the keep-alive option. I changed my main app file to look like this.
> use parent qw/Catalyst/;
> use Catalyst qw/-k
>                 -Debug
>                 ConfigLoader
>                 Static::Simple
>                 UserAgent
>                 Unicode
>                 Compress::Gzip/;
> our $VERSION = '0.01';
> That didn't fix the problem, but I noticed some improvement for slower
> connections that weren't even getting the front page before. I also should
> mention that I'm using Catalyst with the latest versions of perl, apache,
> and mod_perl. I tried changing a few of my keep-alive options in apache
> conf as well to increase the time before dropping a connection. I haven't
> noticed any difference.
> Can anyone tell me how -k works? Is there a default timeout value that I
> can change? Is this even the problem?

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