[Catalyst] getting database handles and run arbitrary SQL

theshz theshz at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 08:15:08 BST 2008

Hi, I'm new to Catalyst, just went through the Tutorial, everything worked =
fine. But for my reporting application (part of a bigger application where =
CRUD will be more often), I need to run some complicated querries. I did fi=
nd the "Arbitray SQL" article in DBIx's FAQ, but I don't even know how to g=
et to DBIx, if that's the right way, more specifically, =

Is it possible to get the database handle and run SQL directly as in DBI? I=
 read that from Schema I can get its storage, which is the db handle. But f=
rom a Controller, how do I get the schema object, or the db handle? If the =
DBIx is the correct way to go (which seems a lengthy way to "just" run a qu=
ery), do I do $c->model('Some::Model')->resultset....?


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