[Catalyst] ANNOUNCE: DBIx::DataModel 1.04

Dami Laurent (PJ) laurent.dami at justice.ge.ch
Fri Sep 26 08:28:32 BST 2008

Hi all,

For info : DBIx::DataModel v1.04 has been released to CPAN. This is
a major revision from previous v0.35, with several architectural 
changes and added functionalities.

DBIx::DataModel is an Object-Relational mapping layer (ORM). Some of its
strong points are :

- UML-style declaration of relationships (instead of 'has_many', 
  'belongs_to', etc.)

- efficiency through fine control of collaboration with the 
  DBI layer (prepare/execute, fetch into reusable memory location, etc.)

- improved API for SQL::Abstract (named parameters, simplified

- clear conceptual distinction between 
    - data sources         (tables and views),
    - database statements  (stateful objects representing stepwise
                            of an SQL query and stepwise retrieval of
    - data rows            (lightweight hashrefs containing nothing but
                            names and values)

- joins with simple syntax and possible override of default
  INNER JOIN/LEFT JOIN properties; instances of joins multiply
  inherit from their member tables

- named placeholders at the ORM level

- nested, cross-database transactions

The synopsis is in 
the design principles and general architecture are explained


	Laurent Dami

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