[Catalyst] mix authentication stores

Jonathan Hall jonh at nmgi.com
Tue Sep 30 20:26:41 BST 2008

Not directly... it's not even possible in DBIC to have relationships 
between different databases, which is essentially what you're talking 
about doing.

You can accomplish the same thing client-side if you write your own user 
store module(s), which is not fundamentally difficult.  I have done a 
similar thing for our Cat application; we authenticate via Unix accounts 
(/etc/passwd), or DBIC, or LDAP or (insert other yet-to-exist 
authentication methods).  The user roles are all defined in the database.

The user store documentation available on CPAN describes how to write 
modules such that they will interface with Catalyst properly, and it's 
not very difficult.  I did my first one in half a day, having 
practically zero experience with catalyst internals at the time.  (I 
have since rewritten it a time or two, and each iteration is better and 
cleaner, as you would expect).


Stephan Jennewein wrote:
> Hi,
> is it possible to use ldap to authenticate and dbic (a database) to handle the
> user role relation ? So that it works like it resides all in one storage
> backend.
> If yes how do I configure that in the $application.conf ?
> Stephan
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