[Catalyst] Google summer of code proposal

Octavian Râsnita orasnita at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 20:27:19 GMT 2009

From: Devin Austin =

  My proposal is to refactor for the Catalyst web framework's helpers to
  make them more extensible.  Helpers date from the early days of the
  framework, but have lagged far behind in development compared to other
  aspects of Catalyst.  Current solutions are hackish, brittle, and
  inconsistent.  The goal of this project is to clean up the previous
  =93API=94, solidify it with tests and documentation, and then expand it to
  add features that will give them more usefulness than just =93generating
  scaffolding=94 code.  That is, to make Catalyst helpers more useful for
  everyone rather than just beginning developers.  =

  Congratulations for the idea. What I think it could be helpful for having=
 in the Catalyst helpers that need to use very many parameters, is the poss=
ibility of specifying a configuration file that contains all the needed par=
  This way it would be more simple to re-use the helper for the next time, =
without worrying that we might forget some parameters.

  For example, instead of:

  $ perl scripts/myapp_create.pl model DB DBIC::Schema MyApp::Database crea=
te=3Dstatic components=3DDigest::Columns dbi:mysql:database=3Dtest user pass

  we could use:

  $ perl scripts/myapp_create.pl @db.txt

  and the file db.txt could contain:

  params=3DDBIC::Schema MyApp::Database create=3Dstatic components=3DDigest=
::Columns dbi:mysql:database=3Dtest user pass

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