[Catalyst] DBI SQLite driver missing after Catalyst update.

Collin Condray ccondray at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 17:25:37 GMT 2009

Tom thanks for your response.

>> I have recently updated my Catalyst installation from 5.71001 to
>> version 5.80007 and have made one of my websites completely unusable.
>But you've got the old code in revision control, right? And you're
>deploying a tagged version, so this isn't an issue for your actual
>'production' site?

Yes, everything is under version control, but the original code I had and
the tutorial modified code. When I updated Catalyst it affected both
development and production sites and I'm getting the same missing driver
error message which I wasn't getting before upgrading.

>> I followed the instructions in the tutorial (
>> ) to update the database to use load_components and have updated my
>> schema files to match. However, when I go to my site I get the
>> following error message:
>Erm, this is the tutorial for building a new application, it has
>nothing to do with updating your app.
>You don't need to 'upgrade' the layout of your DBIC schema classes in
>any way to be compatible with 5.80, or with the latest DBIC.

The schema that that I had using the older load_classes method and the
schema using the recommended load_namespaces method are returning the same
missing driver error so I'm not sure that this is the source of the problem.

>> while ( my $tag =3D $result->next ) { # Hangs here
>That'll be the point at which DBIC first executes the query.

I forgot about that, that makes sense.

>On a tangential note, putting this much logic into your Catalyst
>controller is not recommended - this would be better implemented as a
>method on your ResultSet class.

Thanks for the tip. I just learned about it when reading the updated
tutorial. I'll start using this method as soon as I can.

>> Any idea of why this is failing? Did I miss a step somewhere in the
>> conversion? I'd be happy to provide more information if needed.
>Nope. I'd start by turning DBIC_TRACE on to get extra debugging (which
>may reveal something), and then asking the DBIC list - this isn't
>anything to do with Catalyst, so you're much more likely to get help
>over there.

I turned on DBIC_TRACE as you suggested but I still get the same missing
driver errors from my original message. However, when I when do what the
error messages say and set DBI_DRIVER=3DSQLite and run it, I can see the raw
SQL statements in the error messages. It appears that I have the correct
driver modules installed but Catalyst doesn't know how to load them without
a little help.

Do you still think this is a DBIC error? If not, I'd appreciate any help in
finding where I've done something wrong.

Again, thanks for taking the time to help me with this problem.


Collin Condray
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