[Catalyst] Restarting Catalyst on request or doing something per request

Matthias Dietrich mdietrich at cpan.org
Sun Aug 23 20:10:54 GMT 2009


I'm using the plugin C::P::I18N::DBI (which is from me) which loads  
the texts from database once on application startup.

Now in my app I'm building an admin panel where one can edit the  
texts.  After the admin finishes editing, he currently needs to  
restart the whole apache to load the new texts into catalyst or has to  
wait until the apache clients are killed after time (if running under  
mod_perl).  This may be ok for develping but when running in  
production with several other website on the same apache, this is not  
a good idea.

I thought there may be a possibility to restart only the catalyst  
application (like the built-in server does), but I don't think this is  
possible with apache.  So the solution would be to set a "lexicon last  
modified" date somewhere and update this every time the texts have  
changed (which will not be often).  The app could then check at each  
(or each N requests?) if the date has changed and reload the data.

Would this be a good scenario and where exactly could this checking be  

When running under mod_perl (what the production apps currently do),  
the reloading has to be done for each client.  I don't know how  
FastCGI is working with that, but I'm considering using FastCGI for  


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