[Catalyst] What is correct way to re-check user password for authenticated user?

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Wed Aug 26 01:02:08 GMT 2009

On 26 Aug 2009, at 00:50, Matt Whipple wrote:
>> Seems that I can try to authenticate user again, by calling
>> $c->authenticate(name=>$c->user->name, pass=>$form->{password}),  
>> but I
>> concerned is this acceptable - calling authenticate, when user is
>> already authenticated. And what will be if provided password is
>> incorrect - user will be auto-logout'ed or not?

Yes, this is correct, no - the existing user will not be logged out - - 
 >authenticate will just return false.

Please give a doc patch making this more clear wherever you looked and  
failed to find the information?


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