[Catalyst] Restarting Catalyst on request or doing something per request

Matthias Dietrich mdietrich at cpan.org
Wed Aug 26 12:12:43 GMT 2009

Hi t0m,

Am 26.08.2009 um 02:30 schrieb Tomas Doran:

> Right - so use some form of caching scheme to save a lexicon  
> 'generation' key.
> Bump the value of that key when the lexicon is changed. The first  
> time you use the lexicon in a hit (or just at the start of the hit),  
> check the lexicon generation and reload if needed?
> This approach is simpler than futzing around with process  
> management, simpler than messing with multiple signals, simpler to  
> scale to n boxen (just use memcache - can change this by config if  
> you're using Catalyst::Plugin::Cache), etc...

ah, thanks!  That seems to be a good solution in theory!  I'm trying  
to integrate this in my plugin if this can be a general approach  
within the next few days.


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