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Thu Feb 12 13:05:50 GMT 2009

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 5:38 PM, Lindolfo Lorn Rodrigues
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> Hi, sorry for the off-topic but i'm search at google and the uniq list th=
> i found ( http://groups.google.com/group/theschwartz ) dont have nothing.
> I need a something like TheSchwartz::Scheduler, i was thinking in change
> TheSchwartz->work method, they will look the time to run a job  and execu=
> the job only when is the rigth time
> Does anyone have some tips? I looked at CPAN but dont find anything like
> this.

I've been using TheSchwartz::Moosified in my Catalyst app to schedule jobs.
Something along these lines:

package MyApp::Worker;
use base 'TheSchwartz::Moosified::Worker';
sub work {
    my ($class, $job) =3D @_;
    print "WORKING:". $job->dump();

package main;
use strict;
require MyApp;
use TheSchwartz::Moosified;
my $client =3D TheSchwartz::Moosified->new( verbose =3D> 1);
    sub {
        my ($storage, $dbh) =3D @_;
        $client->databases([$dbh]) or die $!;
    } );

use Date::Manip; Date_Init( "TZ=3DCET");
## schedule a job
my $job =3D TheSchwartz::Moosified::Job->new(
    funcname =3D> 'MyApp::Worker',
    run_after=3D> UnixDate(ParseDate('2009-02-12 13:00:00'), '%s' ),  ##
run_after expects a secs since epoch value
          ## you may also wanna set grabbed_until
    arg      =3D> [ foo =3D> 'bar' ],
$client->insert($job) or die $!;

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