[Catalyst] Google Summer of Code: mentors, projects

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Sun Feb 22 16:27:12 GMT 2009

So, the Summer of Code is fast approaching, so I need two things out of
you wonderful people:

(1) if you think you might be able to mentor, yell - and outline what areas
you think you'd prefer doing so in[0]

(2) suggestions for projects that *would appeal to a student to work on.[1]
Note that your suggestion will carry a lot more weight if you're willing to
do the doc/writeup and even more if you're willing to mentor it :)

We have a few people working on student recruitment, and I'll post later
about how anybody else who wants to work that side of things can help out.

For now, we need to make a list of mentors and projects so we can get that
sent out and set up - if we don't get slots, nothing else matters sadly.

Excessive bikeshedding will result in me resetting the thread with a new
summary email and killfiling the old one; we don't have time for it, sorry.

[0] note that you shouldn't worry too much about expertise here - I intend
for a number of us to provide backup services to mentors in terms of
technical knowledge, the key requirements here are interest and time

[1] I'm not interested in your personal wishlist of features here, mine's
probably at least as long as yours and I'm not inflicting it on the list
just now so please show the same courtesy :)

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