[Catalyst] Re: decoding in core

Neo [GC] neo at gothic-chat.de
Mon Feb 23 15:41:38 GMT 2009

Oh I forgot something... or more precisely, my boss named it while 
having a smoke. Maybe somewhat OT, but definetly interesting (maybe 
could be used to simplify the problem of double-enconding):

Does anyone know a _safe_ method to convert _any_ string-scalar to utf8?
Something like
, regardless if $s contains ascii, latin1, utf8, tasty hodgepodge or hot 
fn0rd, utf8-flag is set or not and is neither affected by full moon nor 
my horrorscope, _without_ doing double-encoding (there MUST be some way 
to determine if it already is utf8... my silly java editor can do it and 
perl makes difficult things at least possible).

I would greatly appreciate this philosophers stone and will send my hero 
a bottle of finest bavarian (munich!) beer called Edelstoff ("precious 
stuff" - tasty).

Greets and thanks!
Tom Weber

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