[Catalyst] 'Couldn't render template file error - foo/bar: not found'

Jens Schwarz blacky6767 at gmx.de
Mon Jan 5 07:48:37 GMT 2009

Hi *,

I am switching over from FormFu to FormBuilder and have a problem with my Catalyst application: I get the error "Couldn't render template file error - foo/bar: not found" when trying to access the 'bar' action in my 'foo' controller. Here is the situation:

In my controller Foo i have ...

package myapp::Controller::Foo;
use parent qw/Catalyst::Controller::FormBuilder Catalyst::Controller/;
sub bar : Local Form {
  my ($self, $c) = @_;
  if ($self->formbuilder->submitted && $self->formbuilder->validate) {
    $c->stash->{message} = "everything is ok";

In root/forms/foo I have my bar.fb file ...

name: foo_bar
method: post
    type: text
    type: text
submit: Here we go

And in root/src/foo I have my bar.tt2 file ...

[% FormBuilder.render %]

Any hints on how I can get this right?
Thanks in advance

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