[Catalyst] Attention Australian Catalystarati (or anyone else with an interest in internet activism)

Kieren Diment diment at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 09:16:46 GMT 2009

Open Australia (http://openaustralia.org) are trying to digitise the  
parliamentary register of members interest to improve transparrency in  
the federal parliament.    The register at the moment is only  
available in the basement of the federal parliament in a locked filing  
cabinet in a disused toilet behind a sign which says beware of the  
tiger ... you get the idea.

One of our ilk has kindly started rigging up a prototype which is  
available at github from http://github.com/TJC/openaustralia-rmidet/tree/master

If you're an Australian Catalyst coder with a few tuits, or of you're  
not Australian, but you want to get some practical experience with  
crowdsourcing document transcription, please fork the git repository  
and have a play.



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