[Catalyst] Problems with session under IIS

Stuart Watt swatt at infobal.com
Mon Jan 12 14:28:51 GMT 2009

It's probably not entirely helpful, but once I eventually managed to get 
IIS working, Catalyst's session management seemed to work just fine. I'm 
using Perl 5.10 (self-compiled, MingW) and Catalyst 5.7. Once I had 
struggled through all the permissions issues, which for IIS are many and 
painful to debug, it all worked. I'm using the ::Session::Store::File, 
which given that I only occasionally need session data, has been fine.

One major difference: I used FastCGI rather than CGI, and CGI with IIS 
does do all sorts of funny header stuff. For example, the following bug 
might break session handling. Under IIS CGI, there's some strange "NPH" 
(non-parsed headers) modes that do affect behaviour.

Which version of IIS are you using?


All the best

koniczynek wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> >From some time now I've been trying to get Session support in Catalyst to
> work but to no avail. I used several different methods for session state and
> storage plugins but nothing seems to work under IIS. Perl is configured as
> en extension (for .pl files there is perl.exe %s %s executed - perl scripts
> are working fine). Perl version is Active Perl 5.8 and Catalyst version is
> 5.7
> What is more confusing is that under included MyApp_server.pl session is
> working fine. There is problem only in IIS.
> If there are any other data needed to help me with this I would be glad to
> provide them. Any help will be greatly appreciated. This is giving me a
> headache already.

Stuart Watt
ARM Product Developer
Information Balance

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