[Catalyst] Newbie help

Diego M. Vadell dvadell at linuxclusters.com.ar
Wed Jan 14 15:43:31 GMT 2009

Hi everybody,

   I'm making a nice little webapp in Catalyst: metheorology models run via 
crontab and catalyst shows the data and graphs that they produce. Im very 
happy how it's working so far.

   Now I have been asked if I could make a "Run the model now" button, that 
would run a script (the model) and show it's output in a popup window. 

   The process may run for about 15 minutes, so I have to handle , somehow, 
the browser timing out because of lack of output. I thought about making the 
script output to a tmp file and using ajax to query that file.

   What is the best way to do that? Is there a nice, magical CPAN module out 
there? :)

Thanks in advance,
 -- Diego

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